NZ Specialist, high quality dental bur supplier

Waymaker Dental was launched Jan 2021. We may be a new company, but certainly not new to Dental. Combined, Waymaker Dental and our manufacturers dental knowledge, equates to 57 years of knowledge in the Dental Industry.


Our aim is to help, assist and support you, in your Rotary Dental needs. We can come to your practice, attend meetings, lectures, seminars, and much more, which ever works best for you? 

We only supply the highest quality Dental Burs, as we want to be associated with Honest, Trustworthy, High Quality Reliable Products and Service. 

As we only concentrate on one area, we really feel that we are specialists in this field.

We are quite unique, by the fact we are not a greedy company. We have good honest values, our promise is every order we will donate to charity. If you support a charity which is close to your heart let us know and we will give to you, please see our giving page.


More Diamond per Diamond

Our unique bonding technology ensures more diamond exposure, compared to any other dental burs available on the market.

More Diamond Per Diamond technique features:
  • Stronger bonding
  • Larger exposure of each diamond crystal
  • Uniform diamond coating, including the tips


Our “TC” Tungsten Carbide burs are designed to function smoothly both in the Dental Clinic and Dental Lab. 

Raw materials are selected carefully to ensure the maximum cutting tip hardness and neck strength of each bur. This is to prevent the risk of breakage during use and provide the desired results. 

Our Tungsten Carbide burs are available in a wide array of shapes for the variety of applications:

  • Cutting
  • Shaping
  • Finishing and deburring applications
  • Removal of the old filling
  • Cavity and Crown Preparations

Our Crown cutters are engineered for optimal efficiency during Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal (PFM) crown cutting.

Practice Visits

If you would like a practice visit and a free Demo, one of our team will be happy to visit you to go through our range in more detail. Please contact us to arrange a suitable time.

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